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    'The Police'. 'Message in a bottle'
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  • 1. Because it was when the Apolo 11 landed on the moon´s Surface with three astronauts abroad
    2. 1-h,2-e,3-f,4-c,5-a,6-d,7-b,8-g
    3. a- control center on land which monitors the space missions
    b- Major Tom is a fictional astronaut referenced in David Bowie's songs ”
    4. v1 – pills and helmet V2-ignition v3-capsule v4-floating v5-spaceship v6-circuit
    5.take, put, check, want, leave, look,...
    11 months ago
  • 1
    because in 1969 the first man arrived in the moon
    1.H, 2.E, 3.F, 4.C, 5.A, 6.D, 7.B, 8.G
    A)Ground control is the personnel and equipment that monitor and direct the flight and landing of aircraft or spacecraft
    B)Tom Major is a fictional astronaut created by David Bowie
    Verse 1 : helmet , pill
    Verse 2: ignition
    Verse 3 :capsule
    Verse 4: float
    (Chorus) :tin can
    Verse 5...
    11 months ago
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  • 1- it was important because the Apolo 11 was launched
    2- 1, h 2, e 3, f 4, c 5, a 6, d 7,b 8,g
    3- Ground control: is the control centre on land which monitors the space missions
    Major Tom: the astronaut
    4- Verse 1: pills, helmet. Verse 2: ignition. Verse 3: capsule. Verse 4: floating. Chorus: tin can. Verse 5: spaceship. Verse 6: circuit
    11 months ago
  • Excercise nº1:

    Excercise nº2
    Ground Control is the control team from the Earth and major tom is the capitan of the expedition it was a recuring character

    Excercise nº3
    1) protein pils,helmet
    2) ingiction
    3 )capsule
    4) floating
    5) tin can
    6) spaceship
    7) circuits
    8) floating, tin can

    Excercise nº4
    11 months ago
  • 1. Because the man walked in the moon for the first time.
    2. 1-h, 2-e, 3-f, 4-c, 5-a, 6-d, 7-b, 8-g
    3. Ground control is where they control the mission and Tom is the astronaut.
    4. 1-pills and helmet
    2- ignition
    4- floating
    5- spaceship
    5. 1. Take and put
    11 months ago
  • ismael replied to the Today's task
    1) On 21 July 1969, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, Eagle, landed on the moon's surface with two astronauts aboard. 2) 1h, 2e, 3f, 4c, 5a, 6d, 7b, 8g....
    11 months ago
    5, Take,put,check,want,leave,look,am,think,tell,hear x3,am
    11 months ago
  • 5. take, put, check, want, leave, look, am, think, tell, hear(3x), am.
    7. A: verse 6 B: verse 3 C: verse 2 D: verse 1 E: verse 4 F: verse 5 G: that you made it great H: it means that all the peaple want to know everything about him I: because is very small
    8. Major Tom goes to the space and feels alone because the space is really big, but he probably will return as a hero.
    Luna and Emma.
    11 months ago
  • 2.
    3.A The person and equipment that monitor and direct the flight and landing of
    aircraft or spacecraft
    B. is a fictional astronaut referenced in David Bowie's songs "Space Oddity"
    4.A Ground control to Major Tom
    Ground control to Major Tom
    Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.
    11 months ago
  • 1. It was important because it was the year which the mission Apollo XI was done.
    2. 1:h 2:e 3:f 4:c 5:a 6:d 7:b 8:g
    3. a) Ground Control is the place where it is control the space missions. b) Major Tom is the austronaut.
    4. Verse 1: pills and helmet Verse 2: ignition Verse 3: capsule Verse 4: floating Chorus: tin can Verse 5: spaceship Verse 6: circuit Chorus: tin can
    11 months ago

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